Acts of Civil Disobedience

My twin boys Aubrey and Erik regularly commit Acts of Civil Disobedience.

No, they are not civil rights crusaders, nor are they proponents of Mohandas Ghandi. They have no idea who he is.

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Neither Martin Luther King nor Henry David Thoreau inspire my boys to protest in their own way, the established laws of the land (or of the household, as it were).

Yes, they have come to this method of non-violent resistance by purely organic and natural means. It is as if the heavens above have bestowed upon them the god-given right to protest – by any means necessary.

The tenets of non-violent resistance are there, in part, along with a full dose of attitude. My boys rock their resistance with a comfortable ease. They know that they can get the best of mommy or daddy with a simple stiffening of the muscles.

To wit: committing Acts of Civil Disobedience entails lying oneself ramrod straight, on the ground, rigid as a tree. There is a beauty to the smooth transition to these Acts, as they often occur in a seemingly effortless and unexpected fashion. Let me explain.

You could be crossing the road, holding hands with two toddler boys, with another child in tow. All of a sudden, you’re in the middle of the road with a truck or otherwise large vehicle barreling towards you at a rapid pace.

Suddenly, one, or perhaps two boys decide to commit Acts of Civil Disobedience – yes – right there in the middle of the road!

The beauty of this action is the fact that there is no warning at all. These Acts just occur naturally…just as the sun rises in the morning, or the moon appears at night.

You are forced to act quickly, whatever that may mean. In my case, it entails scooping up two 27 lb boys in both arms and shooing along a seven-year-old to the safety of the other side of the road.

By the way, my twins’ cuteness allows them to get away with these Acts most times. Here are pictures of Erik and Aubrey respectively, taken today:

My questions this week have to do with Acts of Civil Disobedience.

Do your children commit Acts of Civil Disobedience?

What strategies do you use to deal with your kids when the stiffen out like a board or buckle their knees in the most inopportune moments?

Looking forward to your feedback!

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