I Want to Wear a Fascinator

** Full disclosure** Today’s post is not even remotely mom/parent/kid related. That is, unless, you as a mom, parent or kid are willing to take up the cause of the Fascinator. Or, perhaps you’re a mom who longs to wear a fascinator, like I do. Read on…
Okay, so I must admit that I wasn’t one of those people who got up early to watch Kate and Wills walk down the aisle. With all due respect to the monarchy, sleep was more important to me so I bailed on the early morning wake-up call.
That said, I couldn’t help but watch the festivities that were played and replayed throughout the day, and that continue to entice online in perpetuity. And as much as I’m not a Monarchist by any stretch of the imagination, there are a few things that I am forced to admit:
1) Kate looked beautiful, and the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony were intriguing as all get-out.
2) The hats almost stole the show. Okay in some instances, they did steal the show. They were…well…fascinating. I guess that’s why the Brits call them “fascinators.”
3) I want to wear a fascinator.
I know, it’s ridiculous. Some of the fascinators are ridiculous. That’s the beauty of it.
Image courtesy of www.fashionablethings.com
These huge things on British womens’ heads…well…what can one say? One can’t take their eyes off them, can they? I, like many, were entranced not by the designer duds, celebrities and otherwise, no, I was too busy staring at what appeared to be bird-like creatures that had taken over the noggins of royalty. Celebrities and other nobility were not spared either.
Image courtesy of www.headforthreads.com
Anyway, back to the post at hand. I usually end my blog posts with questions that will provide some insight and advice related to the topic at hand. To that end, here are my questions (they are somewhat different from the usualparent/child/mom-related ones so bear with me):
Image courtesy of 3am.co.uk
How does a commoner like myself wear a fascinator? Can fascinators be worn to events that do not include royalty? Where does one find a fascinator? Have you ever worn a fascinator? Would you wear a fascinator? Why or why not? I am serious. 
Looking forward to your feedback!

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