How to Avoid Ironing: Top 5 Tips



How to avoid ironing

I’ve heard that wrinkles add character. Oh – they weren’t talking about clothes??

Because of the laundry hell that I live in on a full-time basis, wrinkles are my reality. As a result, I wear my wrinkles proudly, and with honour.

As far as I’m concerned, irons are a thing of the past, a medieval instrument of torture for moms and dads alike. More so if the former works full-time outside the home and is tasked with not only presenting a respectable and wrinkle-free appearance, but that of their children as well.


Now, I realize that there are people who actually love ironing – I know a few of these folks and they accordingly live a wrinkle-free existence! It should go to follow then, that they are likely horrified by the perpetually non-pressed look that I sport.june-cleaver

Thankfully, they are kind enough to keep their thoughts to themselves, at least when I’m present. That said, it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Yes, the stiff, starched look that some demand of all of their attire does not happen in my world, but I’m also not walking around looking like I just tumbled out of bed a few moments previously.

So, the purpose of this post? To spread the love and hopefully iron out a few wrinkles (!) that plague the already overloaded mom. Cuz really, one less chore sounds pretty good right about now, doesn’t it?

[color-box]5 Tips to Help You Avoid Ironing

  • Never buy clothes that are 100% cotton. Never.
  • Look for blends, e.g. cotton blended with some type of synthetic material (god forbid, it may be polyester!! It’s okay, embrace it!)
  • Wash clothes, dry them and immediately take the out of the dryer while they are still hot. Fold (I admit that I don’t always do this but in theory, it works).
  • Steam. Either from a steamer, or from the shower. A quick trick – hang up your clothes in the bathroom as close to the shower as possible without getting them wet. Have a really hot shower. Voila! Most of the wrinkles will have disappeared.
  • Wrinkle Releaser. Spray on and go.

Hopefully these tips will save you time and release you from the drudgery chore of ironing, at least a little bit.

Do you like ironing? Why or why not? Do you have any additional tips for avoiding this chore? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

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