Minivan Mamma, or “I Drive a ‘Loser Cruiser'”

I’ve given in to the minvan, ergo, minivans are now cool. I must chant this mantra repeatedly to convince myself of this fact.
Here’s a picture of the beast: a 2006  Honda Odyssey. She is a a trusted soul, in spite of herself.
The “Soccer Mom” title that has been the standard term to politely yet pejoratively label a certain ilk of mom has more recently been replaced by terminology that not-so-subtly brands those of us who have chosen this form of transportation as uncool, or worse, losers.

We have apparently abandoned all hope of having any type of “edge,” as edginess and “seating for eight” do not mix. At all.

I laughed when I learned that the term “Loser Cruiser” was a synonym for a minivan. This must mean, I thought to myself, that I am a loser. So is my husband and our kids. Great. By extension, that must also mean that anyone who “cruises” in the Loser Cruiser is also a loser. I guess my parents, siblings and in-laws are losers too. Oh yea, so are my daughters’ friends. Lovely.

What is it about us that feels the need to label ourselves and others? Is it the opportunity to feel superior and more comfortable with the decisions that we have made for ourselves?Who coins these terms – “Loser Cruiser,” “Soccer Mom” and while we’re at it, how about “Tiger Mom” and “Helicopter Parent?” Note that all of these are negative labels given to parents of small children. Is it any wonder that we’re somewhat defensive at times? As well, this trend supports the call for a larger discussion on why parenting is seen to be a thankless – and evidently, in some cases a scorned upon – job. More specifically, these terms are aimed primarily at women – moms – further relegating the role of mother to one that is worthy of scorn and derision.
Until the role of mom, dad and “parent” in general is respected, we will continue to endure the ridicule and lack of respect that underlies derogatory and divisive terminology.
So my questions today relate to the use of such terms:

Are you offended by such terms as “Soccer Mom,” “Tiger Mom,” “Helicopter Parent,” etc., or do you find them harmless and humorous?

What is the most offensive parenting/mom-related title, in your opinion?

Lastly and most importantly: Would you or do you drive a minivan??

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