Product Review: Little People Pirate Ship

Aye, aye captain! Ships ahoy!

Imagine being the master of your own destiny or the captain of your own pirate ship. If you’re two years old, such lofty goals might seem unreachable, that is, until you lay your eyes on a real treasure from Fisher Price.

The Little People® Pirate Ship, especially engineered for children ages two through five, set sail in the Multiple Mayhem Mamma household. My boys, Aubrey and Erik were particularly thrilled with this inviting opportunity to act out their fantasies of pirating on the open seas. 

Okay, perhaps not that much thought was put into their eventual goals (they are only two, after all), but suffice it to say that the boys enjoyed playing with their new toy. 

When I was approached with the opportunity to do a review for this toy, I agreed, as being the parent of twins, they are constantly on the lookout for the “next big thing” – as much as a two-year-old can be. Anyway, jumping on this opportunity to do my first product review, I was pleased to give my perspective to other parents who are looking for a new toy for their collection.
Regarding The Little People® Pirate Ship, here are some of the key points:

Age range: Appropriate for two to five year olds. In my personal opinion, I think that this toy would be appreciated most by the younger end of the spectrum, those between the ages of two to three. A four or five-year-old may get bored quicker with the ship, though they would probably enjoy it nonetheless.

Price: MSRP is $39.99 CAD; Retailers include Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Loblaws, Sears.

Observing the packaging. Not sure what to make of it!

Deciding on whether or not someone should “walk the plank!”
Notable Features: 

  • A special cannon that can be set off by little hands pulling a lever
  • A parrot that can be pressed on for a musical surprise
  • An opportunity to pull the ship’s wheel and make the plank pop out
  • Pirate Ship comes with sleeping and eating quarters, a working cannon, two pirate figures, parrot, cannon ball, treasure map and chair.
The good: This toy was a welcome change from the trucks and cars that are part and parcel, having two toddler boys. The change in play offered by having a ship as the focal point was refreshing, not only for the boys, but for mom and dad as well. 

The firing of the cannon and the surprise that continued with release of the plank by turning the ship’s wheel was a source of considerable engagement for the boys. As well, being able to open the lower level of the ship and place the characters inside was fun for the kids as well.

The bad: This is not really about the toy but the packaging. This is a problem with many toys these days. Spending half an hour undoing those little twist ties before a child can play with a toy really puts a damper on the festivities. To any toy manufacturers that are reading, please go back to the old-fashioned way of packaging by putting the toy in a box, no twist-ties required.

Just some of the twist ties that had to be undone before the toy was played with. Very frustrating!
Overall score out of five: 4

In general, I would recommend this toy to any parent with kids between the ages of two and four who is looking for a different way of engaging their kids.

Do your kids have a favorite toy that they like to play with? What is it and what do they like about it?

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