The Top 10 Reasons Why Having Twins Rocks!

“Happily ever after” is not a reality when it comes to parenting twins, apparently. 

I just finished reading this article and boy, am I depressed. Sounds like I’m a prime candidate for not only the current depression but divorce and perpetual misery as well.

Unfortunately, I can vouch for the truth behind the basic theme of the article: that parenting twins – particularly infant twin babies – can put considerable stresses on a relationship and families in general that are not experienced when raising a single infant. Twins are hard, there’s no doubt about it.

Frankly, the first year of having two babies crying constantly and not sleeping took a toll, and I honestly can’t remember much of it. It’s probably an adjustment that our bodies devised in order to keep us sane: blacking out, forgetting the torment and saving the already low resources of our over-taxed minds by eliminating both short and long-term memories. Good thing, as, from what I recall, it was not fun.

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That said, life does go on and really, twins are not all doom and gloom, despite popular belief. If I had a penny for every time someone looked upon me and my family with pity in their eyes, or commented with something “witty” like “better you than me,” I’d be a multi-millionaire. As with any situation with life, if it doesn’t kill you, it does indeed make you stronger. Parenting two little ones from prematurity, through the infant stage to now – the supposed “Terrible Twos” – has been a challenge but one that has been relished by my immediate and extended family – and friends as well.

All this doom and gloom about how my life will never be the same (and the subtext that it will be worse than it ever was) is all a bunch of hooey, as far as I’m concerned. 

And so, for this reason, I will not allow the Negativity Train to stop at my door, and will promptly get back on my usual lighthearted and sarcastic soapbox about the inanities and humorous aspects of parenting. This time, my “top tips” will pertain specifically to twins.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Having Twins Rocks!

  1. They’re an ego boost for the parents: proof that the mom is “super human” and is able to create “mini-clones” (in the case of identical twins)
  2. “Food Fights” take on a whole new meaning!
  3. Bulk food purchases NEVER go to waste.
  4. Twins ALWAYS have a playmate. Always (no need to worry about coordinating “playdates” with other kids).
  5. The parents of twins can take turns playing “good cop, bad cop” equally and more often.
  6. Volume discounts. Per kid.
  7. Twins often speak their own “twin language.” Beats Pig Latin any day!
  8. Twins learn the meaning of “sharing” very early.
  9. There’s nothing like having TWO sets of little arms and legs wrap themselves around you and hug you and kiss you like you are the greatest thing since sliced bread
  10. Because TWO huge smiles and TWO laughing, happy children always makes the day better

So in other words, having twins is not a problem!! 

Have I missed anything here? What do you think about twin parenting (whether you yourself have twins or not)? 

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