Nice Work if You Can Get It: Celebrity Motherhood vs. The Real Deal

There’s nothing more beautiful that an expectant mother and nothing more galling than moms who “effortlessly” lose their baby weight soon afterwards, is there? 

I came across this article today and just had to post about it:

The feature highlights pregnant celebrities and their post-baby bodies, shown a few months after birth. What is the purpose of an article like this?

Most of us struggle with our weight and body image at the best of times, and pregnancy, however inspiring, is one time where many women’s personal sense of self is particularly fragile. Yes, we may be told how we’re “glowing” and that we look beautiful with the extra weight, but it’s a difficult transition over the nine months, isn’t it?

Following the birth, there is the reality of being wholly responsible for another life (or two, or three) – a daunting task in and of itself. The last thing we should be worrying about is our weight, and yet we do. Why is this?

Could it perhaps be the imagery that surrounds us on a daily basis? One doesn’t have to go far to see female celebrity moms who seem to easily slip into their post-pregnancy jeans after giving birth. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

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Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie – the list goes on and on. Do these women have superhuman genes that make them freaks of nature as well as the envy of us regular folks who struggle to hide our “muffin tops?”

The reality is that these women do not live “regular lives” like the rest of us. If they’re tired, they get sleep: someone else will take care of the baby. If they want to work out, then have a massage, leisurely manicure and pedicure, then a healthy, low-calorie but delicious meal cooked by their own personal chef, they can. If they want to employ the services of one of the top trainers and fitness experts in the country who will be at their beck and call, motivate, inspire and help them reach their goals, they can. After all, money and time are no object.

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That is perhaps the difference between them and us. They have money which buys them not only anything and everything they want, but it also buys them time. Time to sleep. Time to exercise. Time to enjoy life and do things on their own schedules. Child care and housekeeping worries? They don’t exist, as a fleet of nannies, cleaners, maids and personal assistants are at their beck and call. Is it any wonder that they’re rested and in great shape?

It’s easy to beat ourselves up because we haven’t lost the baby weight, or have put on some extra poundage since having kids. While we  strive to achieve our own personal goals in terms of redefining our image, let’s not compare ourselves to these unrealistic icons of beauty who do not undertake even a portion of the work and stress that accompanies the lives of most moms post childbirth. 

What is your body image like, as a mom? Do you compare yourself to celebrity moms in terms of appearance? How do articles like the one referenced make you feel about your body image?

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