Traveling With Kids This Holiday Season? Read On…

If you’ve bitten the bullet and have decided to go away for Christmas and New Year’s Eve this year, good for you! While it’s probably hard to leave the yearly tradition of celebrating the holidays at home, you will no doubt make new memories on your jaunt abroad.

Perhaps you’ve had some trepidation about how the kids would take being away for Christmas Eve and Christmas. And of course there are all of those logistical things that have to be kept in mind: the Christmas tree, the presents, Santa.

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While it may seem daunting, don’t stress. Travel at this time of the year can be done, and done well. All you need is to have your plan of action ready to go before you board the plane, or head into your car and onto the open road.

Check out my latest article on my column over at Chic Savvy Travels. I tackle the 5 Simple Tips that you can refer to in order to make your family vacation something special this holiday season.

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