Feeling Stressed?

Are you stressed?

If you’re the parent of one, two or more children, the likely answer is “yes.” 

Life as a mother or father in this day and age is fraught with much, much more than our own mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers would ever have imagined.

Not only are the inherent responsibilities of parenting required – the feeding, clothing and raising of our precious children – but we have a number of newer expectations that have been foisted upon us, whether we agreed to it or not. Play dates, extra-curricular lessons or practices, school meetings and more are a regular part of our lives. There are only so many hours in a given day. As a result, we’re often over-worked and under pressure. 

As we steel ourselves for the daily grind, whether or not it’s in or outside the home, we’re becoming increasingly more stressed. Ask any parent about their level of anxiety and you’ll find that it’s high.

The good thing is that there are some tried and true, simple methods of alleviating stress. I’ve written about them in this article over at Parents Canada. Read on and find out how you can lower your stress in a few easy steps.

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