Wanna Swap?

Take a look at this sign:

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Would you be tempted?

This is a real sign, taken at an amusement park ride on my recent vacation to Orlando.

Haven’t we all been in a position where we’ve felt that, as parents, we’ve reached the end of the line? Haven’t we all felt that if we could do a “child swap,” even for a couple hours or so, we would be less stressed, more relaxed and generally more relaxed?

Kids can be trying, as any parent will attest. There are those moments when, regardless of the child’s age, even the most tolerant and easy-going parent loses their cool. When this happens, there are the inevitable feelings of guilt, remorse and self-recriminations about not being up to snuff as a mom or dad. As much as we may realize on an intellectual level that no one’s perfect, we can’t help but feel disheartened by our lack of control, or the fact that we’ve lost our cool.
Hence, the secret (or not-so-secret) desire and dream of throwing in the towel every so often as well as giving up our responsibilities for our little ones in the name of a clear head and general calm.

And that’s okay.

The daily trials and tribulations that are part and parcel of parenting are enough to send the most patient mother or father over the the deep end. Any one who’s ever lived to tell about sleepless nights with a crying or sick baby, or toddler tantrums can attest to this fact.

That’s why when even the slightest hint of offloading the progeny for a short while is presented, we jump.

We all know that this visceral reaction is just that – a reaction, as there is no way on earth that we would ever really want to swap in our precious children. We love them, we really do, warts and all. It’s just that they can be…well…irritating sometimes. Which is why the prospect of a swap can seem so appealing, as implausible as it may really be.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a glimmer of relief upon viewing the “Child Swap” sign. Sure, it probably wasn’t really a “child swap” the way I would have liked it to be, at least for that brief moment in time, but one can dream, can’t one? For I – like all of my fellow parents who are in the trenches (with blinding headaches, no doubt) – am only human, after all.

**By the way – if you’re curious about what the “Child Swap” in this situation really means, check out this link for all of the details.** 

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