Your Most Memorable Mother’s Day Ever

Mother’s Day is around the corner and many of us are excited about the possibility of perhaps honouring our own mothers as well as being honoured by those who love us. As moms, we do so much for our families, often with the thought that much of our actions go unnoticed or unappreciated. Mother’s Day is one of those times where we can receive thanks and love from our families and friends.

It’s also a day to reflect on past Mother’s Days and what they meant to us. Some of them are likely more memorable than others. And that’s what I and the moms at 30Second Mom would like to hear about.

What was your most memorable Mother’s Day moment?

Record a video and tell us about what touched you the most on a previous Mother’s Day. Upload it to the 30Second Mom site and you may win a prize, as well as the opportunity to share a very special and touching moment in your life.

For all of the details, go to this link on the 30Second Mom site.

Here’s my most memorable Mother’s Day ever. What’s yours? Can’t wait to see your video!


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