Singing For Their Supper – Kids as Fundraisers

I recently wrote and article both for this blog and for my blog on Huffington Post. The article addressed a practice that I abhor – using kids to sell chocolates and other items door-to-door on behalf of their schools. Call me crazy but I maintain that sending a child out to shill for their school is a bad idea for many reasons. Some of them are listed in the article.

That said, the topic seemed to resonate with a number of folks, particularly over on the Huffington Post site. Whether they were pro or con for the practice of fundraising by child, they had something to say. Check out the comments that accompany the article.

Resulting from the post as well, I was approached to defend my position on Newstalk 1010. Here’s the audio of that interview.

What do you think? Should kids be used as fundraisers for the school? Why or why not?

VIDEO: Stop Using Kids as Door-to-Door Fundraisers


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