Wednesday, December 12, 2012

VIDEO: Top Tips For Stress-Free Christmas Shopping

by Samantha on December 12, 2012

Donna Karan

We all know how crazy it gets during the holiday season. The stress of trying to get everything in order – from the house to the gifts and beyond – is all too much for many of us. The malls are packed, the kids are hoping for a good haul and Santa’s on his way. Yet somehow, you’re on the hook for purchasing so many of the gifts. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

I recently put together this post – The Top 10 Tips For Stress-Free Christmas Shopping – in an effort to help those of us who easily (and foolishly)  get pulled into the elbow-to-elbow shopping malls in December. This, in and of itself, is often a fate worse than a bag of coal :)

In order to decrease the amount of tension and anxiety that this joyous(!) season brings, I expanded on my post about tips on an appearance on a local TV program. For your viewing pleasure, please see below for some simple tips that can save you a whole lot of stress.

VIDEO: Top Tips For Stress-Free Christmas Shopping




I had the pleasure of being asked to participate in a radio interview about parenting advice on BlogTalk Radio. Boy, was it fun!  As part of the series “Your Inner Blueprint,” we touched on a number of topics related to what it means to be a parent in this day and age. The host, Chantal Onelien and I had a great time chatting about parenting, expectations, blogging and more. Listen to the segment and you’ll hear that there’s much laughter and many insights on what it’s like to raise children today. And of course, there were some tips and advice that any mom or dad can take away and use in their every day lives.

Grab a coffee, have a listen and I hope you enjoy the time spent chatting with my gracious host as I did :)

Listen to internet radio with Your Inner Blueprint Your GIFT on Blog Talk Radio

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