Monday Musings – Are Our Kids Growing Up Too Fast?

Are our kids growing up too fast? Some would say that they are, compared to previous times. Childhood has always been fleeting, but it seems that it has become particularly short in the past few years.These days, children have access to so much more information than kids of previous eras. While for the most part, knowledge is a good thing, one has to wonder to what degree? We all know that everything has a price. As well, the information that is being discovered by our children may not necessarily be helpful and, in some cases, may actually be harmful.

Are kids growing up too fast?

We can blame this early adulthood to technology to some degree. The proliferation of digital devices and the ability to get information anywhere by anyone has allowed our children into some adult worlds that they may have never been exposed to previously. That being said, technology is not the only factor in this equation. There are likely many other reasons why kids have ceased to remain kids for very long. Changes in societal attitudes and values, a more permissive standard of parenting and peer pressures are just some of the probable reasons for this phenomenon. It’s been said that “with great power comes great responsibility.” One could easily argue that the onset of age demands great responsibility as well. The problem becomes apparent when the maturity level of the child growing up does not match the situations in which they find themselves. And therein lies the problem.

For many, this position will seem silly and wrong, as many think that kids these days are just fine and, if anything, much better of than their predecessors. Others, like myself, are concerned about what appears to be the rapid pace at which children enter adulthood these days.

So where do you stand on this topic? Do you think that our kids are growing up too fast these days? Why or why not?

VIDEO: Are Kids Growing Up Too Fast These Days?

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  1. Annette Jett says

    Hi Samantha,
    Great points in this article! I will tell you that some 30+ years ago when I was in formative years (8-15 or so), the biggest influences I had were my 3 older sisters who were 5, 6 & 7 years older than me. They seemed to take pleasure in telling me things beyond my years, from the realities of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, to sex, alcohol, and issues between my parents. The problem wasn’t my permissive parents, rather the fact that they were unaware of what was going on in their own household. For me as a parent now, I do not strive for the impossible ‘perfection,’ instead, I concentrate on awareness of what is being said to them and how that might influence them later in life.

    If we are aware of the generational mistakes of the past, we can try to correct them and continue to improve parenting skills for the future. Who knows- if we take the good from each style of parenting, leaving the rest behind, we may be able to improve the behaviors and patterns of our kids moving forward.

    1. Samantha says

      Great points, Annette! You’re absolutely right – we oftentimes forget that our children’s peers and siblings have a greater influence on them than we might think. Kids talk – whether we like it or not, and in spite of our best efforts, our kids are privy to things we’d rather they not know until later on in their lives. How do we stop this? We can’t. All we can do is arm our children with the correct information to counter the misinformed opinions that are told to them by their social circles. A difficult task for sure, but one that has to be done. Thanks for your comment 🙂