CBC Radio Interviews – How to Speak to Your Kids About Racism

How do you speak to your kids about race and racism?

Viola Desmond, Canadian civil rights icon, will be featured on Canada’s new $10 bill.

It was an honour to be asked by CBC radio for my views on speaking to children about race during Black History Month. February has become an important time for all of us to reflect on the contribuSamantha Kemp-Jacksontions of those of African ancestry, and a great time to speak about the topic of race and racism with our children. In recent times, due to the current political climate, the topic of race is on the minds of many of us, whether we belong to a minority community or not.

How to Speak to Your Kids About Race” was the basis of my interviews on various CBC radio programs across the country. Tune in below to listen and click on the links for articles that accompany the interviews.


CBC Radio Hamilton: How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism: Tips From a Parenting Expert

CBC Radio Metro Morning: Black History Month is a Good Time to Talk About Racism Says Toronto Writer

CBC Radio International: Time to Talk to the Kids Says Black Writer

CBC Radio Sudbury – Speaking to Your Children About Racism

What are your thoughts? How should we speak to our children about race in light of the current political landscape and frequent (and not always positive) news discussions about minorities? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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