Whatever Happened to the Kindness of Strangers…And Flight Attendants?

Mom and baby at airport
Mother with baby at the airport

Whatever happened to the kindness of strangers?

A recent viral video of a mom crying aboard an American Airlines flight really got to me.

You see, she was the mom of twins and was trying to embark upon what would likely be a very stressful trip. With one baby on her hip and another at her feet in a carseat, she cried, apparently after being hit in the head by her own stroller after an American Airlines flight attendant “violently” pulled it out of her grip.

So many things wrong here, not the least of which being the fact that she was a woman with twins, travelling alone with two babies who was brought to tears by someone who should have been trying to help her.

This incident should never have occurred and for so many it was troubling, to say the least. I know that I was both heartbroken and enraged when I saw the video, enough that I had to write about it.

You can read my thoughts over at Huffington Post, here (the video of the moments following incident is there as well):

Parents Travelling With Young Kids Deserve Our Kindness Not Mistreatment 

What do you think about this situation? Tell me about it in the comments here or over on Huffington Post.


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