So, I Started a Podcast: Parenting Then and Now

You may have notice that I’m a bit hung up on a few things on this blog.

Parenting – check.

Kids – check.

The good old days“- check.

It’s this last item that I just can’t seem to get away from.

By now, you may have figured out that I have a unique perspective on parenting, having raised kids in four different decades (and lived to tell about it!).

There’s an 18 year difference between my first and my second child.

There’s a five year difference between my second and my third and fourth, the latter two being identical twin boys.

My first child was born in the 1980’s. I parented her throughout the decade of big hair, neon leg warmers and Cabbage Patch Kids.

My second child was born in the early 2000’s, when Tamagotchi pets were in the hands of the kids and Destiny’s Child was on the CD Player of the teens.

Remember this?

Destiny’s Child – Survivor

My final two kids – identical twin boys – were born in the wake of the world financial crisis when getting a mortgage, loan or even money out of the ATM was a struggle for many, to say the least.

Two words that say all you need to know about this time period: Bernie Madoff.

Documentary on the 2008 Financial Crisis

In other words, my perspective on being a parent, raising kids and watching the world change is different from many other parents, to say the least.

What I have found over the years is that I have more frequently compared life as a parent “then” – meaning the ’80’s 90’s and beyond, and now – meaning 2017 and into the future. More frequently than this, I’m becoming a caricature of what I thought I’d never be: someone who said more often than not “when I was a kid…”

All this made me realize that I’ve got a bee in my bonnet, a bone to pick with my memories and some questions to ask experts…as well as some introspection – that will help me answer the question that keeps popping into my head: was parenting and being a kid easier or better then or now?

[color-box]Was parenting and being a kid easier or better then or now?[/color-box]

I really don’t know. Hence, the podcast.

Won’t you join me on my long, strange trip?

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