IN THE NEWS: Talking to Your Kids About Racism

The topic of racism is not one any of us can continue to avoid

Sadly, this is a topic that I’ve discussed one too many times, both at home and in the media.

When recent events occurred in Charlottesville, it became clear that this subject is not going away anytime soon. For this reason, I sadly but willingly spoke out in media when asked, about how we can prepare our kids in this current racial climate.

Many of you may know that I live in Canada. And yes – we often smugly say “that wouldn’t happen here,” as we go about our business and pretend that this type of racism can’t and won’t happen north of the 49th parallel. Sadly, it will and does happen here, as so recently proven by events leading up to and following Charlottesville.

For this and so many other reasons, there’s no time like the present to discuss this topic, particularly with our children. After all, they’ll hear about it one way or another; best that they receive the information in the context of their family’s values.

Here’s my segment from CBC Vancouver‘s BC Almanac radio call-in show discussing this very point and many others. There were some very interesting calls and feedback from listeners.

How to Speak to Your Kids About Racism

I also did an interview with the Edmonton Journal on the same topic. You can read the full article here:

Important Time to Talk to Children About Racism and Prejudice

How are you speaking to your kids about race and racism in light of the recent events in the news? Tell me about your thoughts in the comments section below.

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