PTAN Episode #7 – Around the World in Eight Months – With Kids

Jennifer Powell and Family

When a life-changing loss occurred, Jennifer Powell took a long, hard look at her life. Realizing that tomorrow is never promised to us and all we have is today, she knew that the time was now to live out her and her family’s dreams. Having always wanted to travel the world, Jen, her husband and kids made the collective decision to live our their dreams and to follow their hearts. With a bit of trepidation but even more anticipation and excitement, they sold their house, packed up their remaining items and set forth towards an incredible and unforgettable experience that would change their lives forever. Over eight months, Jen and her family traveled across six continents and through 21 countries. Their experiences while abroad were both life-changing and inspiring.

In this episode of the Parenting Then and Now podcast, listen to Jen’s reasons for taking the bull by the horns and for living out her dreams, how her childhood growing up with an adventurous parent shaped her world views on parenting today, and how her husband and kids adapted to traveling the world and living the nomadic lifestyle so different from what they were used to.
Still thinking about making the journey? Here’s some additional advice from Yours Truly on how to travel with kids.

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