Parenting Then and Now Podcast #8 – Video Killed the Radio Star

Stewart Reynolds aka “Brittlestar” joins Sam to discuss kids, social media and how things have changed

When Stewart Reynolds (aka “Brittlestar”) was a kid, he used to amuse himself by making radio plays via his tape recorder and imagination.

How times have changed.

The Internet’s Favourite Dad – who himself has been a viral video star in his own right – has seen the shift from when he was a kid, growing up in the ’70’s and entertaining himself with what now appear to be low-tech” tools, to seeing social media as the norm, not the exception, to how kids communicate. Entertainment via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat, to name a few, is a very long way away from watching the tube in the 1970’s and being entertained by the Krofft Supershow.

And if the title of this show confuses you, have no fear, click here.


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