PTAN Episode #10: Can’t Parents Just Get a Break?

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School Rules Have Made Parenting Really Hard…

We’re all just trying to get by, aren’t we?

Most of us – whether we’re parents of younger kids, older kids, or observers of kids in general, would agree that trying to keep it together while raising a family is a tough gig.

Why, then, are parents increasingly told that they must follow what appear to be arbitrary and often unnecessary rules in order for their kids to participate in school, or life in general?

In this episode of the Parenting Then and Now podcast, we tackle these and other questions with mother of three, writer and blogger, Rebecca Cuneo Keenan. Rebecca has a refreshing, comical and realistic perspective on parenthood and raising kids in today’s rapidly-changing world. A child of the ’80’s, she watched the world change to where its’ become a place where many of what used to be standard practices regarding child-rearing, are now viewed with suspicion. Rebecca challenges this new normal and has a lively and humourous chat with me in the process. Listen to the full episode below.

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