Reality TV: A Parenting Reality?

by Samantha on March 5, 2011

I love this show:
These two are by far two of my long-running, all-time favorites:

Okay, so what do any of these have to do with this blog – which is supposed to comprise of musings of a frazzled working mom?

Well it’s just that. Due to the Double F Factor as I call it -The Frazzle Factor – I often take the easy way out of parenting and watch reality TV shows…with my elementary school-aged daughter. Is this bad? I’m not completely sure but part of me sure feels guilty about it.

The demands of the working parent dictate that something’s gotta give. That something, unfortunately, is often the ability to feel completely engaged – both mentally and physically – in the moment. In other words, the sheer exhaustion that often takes over one’s life when one is balancing a job, a family and more, often gets the better of many of us. The result? A flaked out mom (or dad) on the couch, in front of the TV, watching mindless (or not so mindless) pap. Not the best “quality time” with one’s kids is it?
I often ask myself this question while the guilt overwhelms me as I spend some seemingly special time with my daughter…with the backdrop of the latest reality TV show in the background (she says embarrassingly). Okay, it does help that my daughter is a bit of a “Mini-Me” and we do have some of the same interests. One of hers just happens to be Reality TV….

Yea, not sure if I buy it either, but I have to say something to assuage my guilt.
So I’ll put the latest inquiry out there now in the hopes that I’m not alone in this particular form of parenting:

Do you watch Reality TV and similar types of shows with your kids as a way of spending time together without too much effort on your part? If so, do you feel guilty about it? Why or why not?

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