VIDEO: Second Hand = Second Best?

by Samantha on August 20, 2011

As the parent of twins, the thought of purchasing everything new makes me break into a cold sweat. Let’s face it, kids aren’t cheap, and it only gets better as they get older. We all know that the new stuff - clothes, toys, furnishings - are more likely to be requested when the kids are cognizant of their surroundings. That’s why at this stage, while they’re young, I choose to buy some of their items new, and some second hand.

Alarmingly, there has been a trend towards product recalls, from strollers to cribs to car seats and beyond. Definitely disturbing for all of us parents who believe that our second-hand items are as good as new. Clearly that’s not always the case.

I was interviewed by our local TV station on this topic, which also addressed the need for parents to be more aware of the items that they use for their children. Perhaps a cautionary tale of sorts, and definitely something to keep in mind the next time someone offers you a hand-me-down, even if it is out of the goodness of their heart.

Canadian readers: You can always check the status of a product or recall notices here:

American readers: Here are a couple of sites that list the latest recalls:

My question this week: Do you accept hand-me-downs for your kids, or purchase items second hand? If so, how often do you check the status of the items to see if they are on a product recall list?

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