The Top 5 Re-gift Tips For Beginners

by Samantha on December 28, 2011



That hideous sweater that you got from your great aunt?


The 10th pair of socks/scarf/gloves/[insert item here] that you’ve received in the past little while that you have absolutely no use for, and even less space, for that matter?


Re-gifting has become all the more popular as we try to de-clutter our already overflowing closets and drawers. After all, there are only so many sweaters and scarves that one can own, or wear. This is particularly the case when said items are provided to us via the goodness of our dear aunt’s heart. Bless her soul, we love the new addition to our burgeoning wardrobe but we have to ask ourselves - do we really need it?

That is the prevailing question that we ponder in order to justify our first thought regarding the item at hand which is often “how can I get rid of this thing?”

After all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or so they say.

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I, for one, have not been a re-gifter in the past, but am seriously considering it moving forward. That, as my home becomes an exercise in the organic growth of inanimate objects, many of which are too small, too big or too ugly. Sad, but true.

Re-gifting is “The Gift That Keeps On Giving.”

I have many friends who have taken re-gifting to a new level. The way that they re-present their unwanted presents is, well, brilliant. That being said, I have learned a few things about regifting in the process.

Here are the goods (pun intended):

Top 5 Re-gift Tips For Beginners

1)Seeing Is Believing: Make sure that the gift looks new: it shouldn’t show any signs of being a secondary choice for the regiftee. The recipient of the gift should not feel like they’re second best when receiving their present.

2)Keep it Under Wraps: Don’t have the gift front and centre in your home, only to be unwrapped again in someone else’s place some time later. Who knows who may have seen it at your place and may blow the whistle on you, embarrassing all involved? Squirrel the unwanted item away as soon as you see it and determine that it’s not for you. Then rewrap as soon as you can (see tip #1 and #3).

3)Make it Pretty: Nothing says you care like a beautifully-wrapped present - even one that you couldn’t wait to get rid of. Wrap up the offending gift in the most elegant and elaborately-decorated paper to show how much effort you put into the gift. Of course it’s a distraction tool and justification for your guilt, but hey - it will make you look good.

4)Step Outside Of The Box:…And outside of your social circle. You don’t want your re-gifting decision to come back to haunt you, which could happen if you give the second-hand gift to someone in the same social circle as the person who gave the present to you in the first place. Remember who gave you the gift and make sure to not give it to one of his or her friends, relatives or members of his/her social circle.

5)Made For Keeps: Handmade and homemade items are off the list for regifting, even if you don’t like that pink, green and orange crocheted sweater from your grandmother. The fact that someone took the time to make a custom-made and special item for you trumps the fact that you don’t like it. It really is the thought that counts - even if the thought that you would like it is misguided. Grin and bear it in these instances and find a special place for the less-than-perfect gift in the back of your closet.

Do you re-gift presents? Why or why not? What are your tips for effective regifting?

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Melanie December 29, 2011 at 12:21 am

Regifting is never acceptable! The only place unwanted gifts should go is in the donate bin.


Samantha December 29, 2011 at 2:48 am

@MelanieThanks for your comment but why is donating any better than regifting? You're still giving the present away in both circumstances.


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