Top 5 Tips For Organizing Your Child’s Room

by Samantha on February 16, 2012

Getting your kids’ rooms organized is a work in progress for most parents. It’s a constant struggle to keep things in place and orderly as kids have a way of undoing what you’ve just done.

It’s a work in progress in my home, but like many of you, I’m learning. Baby steps, as they say, towards the final goal :)

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Whether you’re challenged by space constraints as I am, or have an expansive children’s room in which your little darling can leave things lying around to her heart’s content, there are some tried and true ways of making the best of what you’ve got and keeping the room in an orderly fashion. 

Here are the Top 5 Tips For Organizing Your Child’s Room:

1) Group Effort - Try to arrange items in groups - clothing, hamper, shoes and accessories should be in the same general area. This will make it easier for your child to find each item, as well as put them away when needed.

2) Bins, Baskets and Boxes - Use various sized containers to store your child’s items. From clothing items to books to toys and more, having a place to store everything will result in a higher likelihood of things being put back where they belong. Also consider clear containers for easy access, with external labels, making storage a no-brainer.

3) Highs & Lows - Use all available space in your child’s room. This is especially the case if the room is smaller than you would like.  Tiered shelving, a hanging closet rod and the backs of doors (closet and room) are places that are not immediately considered for storage, but make great alternatives if space is at a premium.

4) Under Cover - Keeping with point #3, under bed storage is a perfect solution for rooms that require some extra space for children’s toys, clothes or otherwise. Store it and stash it away, out of sight and off the floor.

5) Hooks & Hampers - When you’ve run out of closet floor and shelving space, turn to a little-used alternative: hooks. These days, it’s easy to get stick-on wall hooks that are sturdy and won’t ruin your paint job or worse. Put a few on the wall in strategic places and hang items that would otherwise end up on the floor. Similarly, make it simple for your child to put away his or her clothes by providing a laundry hamper that can easily take the day’s soiled items.

How do you organize your kids’ rooms? What tips do you have for keeping this area tidy?

VIDEO: Tips For Organizing Your Child’s Room

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Zombiemommy February 17, 2012 at 3:08 am

We do under the bed. And thankfully we have a basement now to keep most of the toys corralled.

I would like to get one of those Billy Ikea cabinets with all the cubby holes, once my littlest gets past the climbing stage.


Holly Ann February 18, 2012 at 4:11 am

Honestly, we keep almost nothing in the kids' room. I know that sounds strange, but it works great for getting them to fall asleep - no distractions. All they have in their room is their beds, a rocking chair, and a book basket. All toys are kept elsewhere. And their dresser is in our loft area right outside of their room. I know it can't last that way forever, but I plan to draw it out as long as possible! :)


Samantha February 18, 2012 at 4:15 pm

Under the bed is a great solution, I find, as it keeps the items out of eye's view and is more tidy. LOVE IKEA! I rely on their items for much of my home :)


Samantha February 18, 2012 at 4:16 pm

Holly, great idea! I've heard this idea from a few parents, and it sounds like a great solution, definitely if you have the room in your home to store items elsewhere. We do that to a certain degree, but our home is small so my kids will have to keep being distracted for now. Thanks for commenting :)


MarcieMom February 22, 2012 at 12:44 pm

Great tips! Esp. with children who grow so fast, I find that one effective way is keep giving things the child has outgrown away!


Samantha February 25, 2012 at 8:28 pm

I definitely do that too, Marcie! Recycling clothes, hand-me-downs and giving to charity are great ways of keeping the "stuff" under control :)


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