Monday Musings - Do You Follow The 5-Second Rule?

Do you follow the 5-second rule?

If you said “yes,” I can assure you that you’re not alone.

What is the 5-second rule? Well, let’s just say it’s the unwritten code that more parents than not follow, the one that dictates that germs don’t have the ability to “jump onto” the morsel of food or candy that has just fallen onto the floor or ground. Kids, for the most part love the 5-second rule; parents? Well, not so much. Or so one would think.

Though I have it on good authority that this practice is not as uncommon as most would believe. As a matter of fact, it’s fairly standard behavior for many a mom or dad, particularly if they’ve had more than one child. It’s fairly safe to say that there’s an definite correlation between the number of kids that parents may have, and the parents’ support of the 5-second rule. I’m not kidding. Just ask any mom or dad at the park who is busy chasing after their two, three (or even four) kids. I guarantee you that they’re not too concerned about that cracker or piece of candy that may or may not have fallen on the ground. After all, it represents the difference between their child having a complete and total meltdown and their kids being quiet for even a time.

And me? Yes, I’ve done it, and yes, I will do it again. I’ve had four kids, remember?

So the question this week is: Do you follow the 5-second rule with your kids? Be honest! Looking forward to your answers in the comments below.

VIDEO: Do You Follow The 5-Second Rule?

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  1. Kathy Radigan says

    I am a complete follower of the 5 Second Rule! I have three kids, like you said it’s survival! At first my husband was appalled but now even he has become a follower. Glad to know I’m not alone!

    1. Samantha says

      Hi Kathy,
      You are so not alone! As I mentioned, the more kids you have, the more likely you are to follow this rule. By this philosophy, there’s no hope left for me! 😉 Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Christine says

    *sigh* Ummm…YES. 😉 My husband is a farmer and always says, “A handful of dirt a day, keeps the doctor away”. He says this every time I see our 4 year old pick up a piece of toast off the floor and eat it or drop a carrot and eat it. ACK. She has a pretty strong immune system though! Ha!

    1. Samantha says

      Awww, c’mom, Christine! A little dirt never hurt anyone did it?? 😉