Monday Musings - Has Technology Affected Our Kids For Better or For Worse?

by Samantha on April 29, 2013

We can’t live without it.

Technology is here to stay.

We love our iPads, iPhones, Android and other tablet devices. Texting is part of our everyday lives. We crave the Internet and feel disconnected whenever we’re away from the comfort of our virtual world. It’s clear that technology is here to stay and digital technology specifically is part and parcel of most of our lives, in one way or another.

This is particularly the case in the lives of our children. Kids today are so comfortable and so entrenched in the digital world that it’s hard for them to imagine a life without the technology that they’ve come to know and love. Between video and online games for younger kids to texting, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for older kids (often to the chagrin of their parents), there’s no way around it.

Tech is where it’s at. Imagine a world without Google. Mention this concept to a tween or teen and watch their eyes bug out in horror. Try telling your six-year-old that they’re cut off from using your iPad and you may experience a meltdown of monumental proportions.

The fact is that technology has permeated our kids lives in such a way that the thought of living without it is almost impossible to fathom.

But to what end?

As much as we love our gadgets and the Internet, one has to question the effect that both have had on our kids. While there’s no disputing the fact that digital technology has advanced our culture in so many ways, one has to wonder about its negative effects as well. Our kids accept technology as part of life, but as with everything, there are good and bad aspects to be considered.

For the many positive stories that exist about how technology has affected the lives of our kids, there are, unfortunately, an equal amount of stories about the dark side of the technological age. Our kids are being affected; it’s how they’re being affected that we need to consider.

So my question today is this: Has technology affected our kids for better or for worse? Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below!

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