How to Deal With Telemarketing Calls - Top 5 Tips For Parents

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What type of moron calls during dinner time?

I’ll tell you: a telemarketer.

Telemarketers don’t care that you’re already stressed, trying to get dinner on the table while your three have kids increasingly horrifying meltdowns because they’re starving.

Telemarketers don’t give any thought to the fact that you really don’t want to buy a new vacuum cleaner, have your car detailed or save up to 50% on your next order of contact lenses. No, they couldn’t care less that you’re dealing with a chorus of whining children as well as a pot that’s boiling over on the stove. Telemarketing calls are made by those who have their sales quotas to meet and, gosh-darn-it, they’re going to make them.

We’ve all wondered how to deal with telemarketers when they actually manage to get us on the line. They’re a sneaky sort, calling from blocked numbers, or disguising their phone numbers to look like actual land lines, like the ones that our mothers, aunts and friends have. Foolishly we pick up the phone and voila! We’re trapped.

It’s time we fight fire with fire. It’s time to beat these inconsiderate and just plain annoying telemarketers at their own games. The unwanted telemarketing calls have to stop. We’re mad as all get out and we’re not going to take it any more.

With these sentiments in mind, here are the Top 5 Ways to Deal With Telemarketers

1) Have your toddler or young child answer the phone - Tell the child that it’s Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny on the line. Watch from the sidelines and laugh.

2) Put the phone down and go about your business - After realizing that you have been caught by the telemarketer, all hope is not lost. Tell them politely that you’ve just got to get something and you’ll be back on the line in just a second, then continue with what you’re doing. If it’s dinner time with the kids, enjoy a leisurely meal, all the while with the telemarketer on the line listening, anxiously waiting and getting more and more irritated. Every so often, go back to the phone and say “I’m so sorry, I’ll just be another second,” then continue your family life. The telemarketer will eventually grow exasperated and irritated, just like you feel when they call you. They will hang up finally, but not before you have wasted their time.

3) Use a fake accent and pretend you don’t speak English - When the telemarketer on the other end of the line asks you a question, answer with an indeterminable fake accent. When you are asked questions, keep repeating in the same accent that you don’t understand or speak English very well. Just keep repeating this over and over again, in between asking the telemarketer to repeat themselves.

4) Put your favorite music on really loud and put the speaker to the phone - Even if they like your choice of tunes, this is a bit much for anyone to bear. They’ll likely hang up and you’ll be off the hook (pun intended).

5) Answer all of their questions with a question of your own - Beat them at their own game. If they ask you what type of vacuum cleaner you’re currently using, respond with “what type of vacuum cleaner are you using?” If they tell you that they can save you up to 50% on some new offer, tell them that you can save them up to 50% on the same offer. Baffled and annoyed, they’ll quickly hang up the phone.

Fight fire with fire, I say. Next time a telemarketer has the nerve to interrupt your family time, make sure you do something that will make them cross you off their list for good!

How do you deal with telemarketers calling and interuppting your family time? What other strategies do you use to get them off the phone? Answer in the comments below.

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