VIDEO: Social Media and Kids - Top Tips For Parents

by Samantha on January 19, 2014


Social Media and Kids - Tips For Parents

I recently wrote about the growing trend surrounding kids using social media. In Social Media and Kids - The Top 5 Things That Parents Need to Know, I provided some simple advice for parents who are looking for practical tips regarding their children’s engagement on social media channels. With the growing popularity of teens and tweens using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it’s impossible for parents not to have concerns about how their children are spending their time online. Instances of cyberbullying with serious and sometimes tragic effects make all of us parents realize that we must be more diligent in knowing what our children are doing online, and managing their behaviour.

Following the original post, I did a radio interview on the topic and a segment on Rogers Daytime Toronto to discuss social media and kids in more detail as well. See below for the full interview.

VIDEO: Social Media and Kids - What Parents Need To Know

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