All Hail King Julien!

by Samantha on December 31, 2014

The Self-Proclaimed Monarch From Madagascar is Back With His Own Netflix Series

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Who’s the king?

King Julien!

All Hail the King!

On one recent Saturday, with excitement in the air, the family headed to a downtown theatre to attend a special pre-screening of King Julien, courtesy of Netflix. By far one of the “breakout” stars of the Madagascar franchise, the infectious lemur is cause for all to bow down to the new king and has become a new favourite amongst the younger (and older) set.

 Kids Being Kids at the King Julien Special ScreeningIMG_0367Netflix King Julien

The festivities began with a dance party to get the kids primed for the King Julien music that will quickly become an earworm to parents everywhere (I find myself humming along to the catchy theme song regularly now).

After mastering the lemur moves, of course supported by professional dancers who had the choreography down pat and were more than willing to share it with the young attendees,  we were shepherded in to the theatre to watch the show.

A King Julien Dance Crew Leads the Young Attendees Through Some Moves


It was a hit!

There were many laughs and rapt kiddies who, along with their parents, enjoyed the shenanigans of King Julien and his crew.

The verdict?

We’ll be streaming it on Netflix at home and look forward to watching new episodes as they become available.


For those who want the full Madagascar experience, these favourites can also be found on Netflix:



So, will you be watching with the family? Who are your kids’ favourite Madagascar/King Julien characters? Tell me about it in the comment section below.



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