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The title of my eBook on Amazon is Meltdown in Aisle 5: Top Parenting Tips From Multiple Mayhem Mamma
Now – if you’re a parent, you’re either laughing or nodding your head in agreement because you’ve been there. You know – your kid decides to have a Level 6 meltdown just seconds after you’ve turned down the cereal aisle. Who knows what triggered his hysteria; could it have been your answer in the negative to his request that you buy a family-size box of the sugariest “cereal” (if they can call it that)?

Regardless of what’s the cause, you likely needed a solution – and fast. That’s where the eBook comes in.

The Meltdown in Aisle 5 ebook on Amazon is a collection of my best tips and advice from this blog. From sleepovers to homework to traveling with kids and more, it’s a one-stop shop of advice for any frazzled parent who is looking for relief. The collection makes a great gift to yourself (you deserve it, after all) or for a friend or family member who’s in need of some support.

Get your copy today – click here to download.

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