Is “Having it All” Still Possible?

by Samantha on February 10, 2011

Hi Everyone!

“Two’s a crowd, three’s a party,” a wise sage once mused. 

Said sage clearly did not have three children under the age of eight in his or her ranks. And there is no way that this philosopher had ever dealt with the cacophony that is part and parcel of the everyday (and night) life of a working parent, especially when the parent at hand is juggling two very energetic identical twin toddler boys and a precocious girl of seven. Add to this mix an adult daughter who still relies on the advice of Mom and a husband who is equally frazzled in his own right. 

Welcome to my world.

Perhaps we should discuss the “Three ‘P’s’ of the Working Parent”: patience, permissiveness and pizza, because let’s face it - all three of these items are mandatory if one wants to maintain any semblance of clarity in their already busy world. This holy trinity of sorts is what I live my daily life by - because if I didn’t, who knows - I may have to stop for a moment and actually plan a meal that extends beyond the realm of cheese and pepperoni. And chicken fingers for that matter.

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Permissiveness and patience, well, those attributes are part and parcel if one has any hope of having a realistic shot at the proverbial “having it all” lifestyle that was glamourized in the women’s magazines of my younger days. I’m not sure about one’s ability to “have it all”  - that is unless they meant having it ALL - warts, no, let’s revise that to chicken pox, ear infections and head lice - ALL the things that one’s children might bring home. I guess in that regard, I’ve had it all - in more ways than one (and no, I didn’t have lice…managed to dodge that bullet, thankfully).

So I guess in my first post, I shall pose the question: 

Can women really “have it all?” 

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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