Fashion Fridays with Melanie: "Top" Tips

Thank goodness for those who walk amongst us with style. They are an inspiration to those of us who struggle daily to find their fashion niche, especially some of us moms who might not have the time to plan a full-on wardrobe assault!
It’s Fashion Friday at Multiple Mayhem Mamma and I’m excited to turn the page over to my favorite fashionista, Melanie from Style and Error
Every other Friday, Mel will answer your fashion, beauty and style questions on this page, so please, send them along to [email protected] and Mel will send you on your way - looking fabulous!
That said, I’ll turn it over to my esteemed style mentor, Melanie.
Today’s question is:
“There seems to be no solution for tops. If I wear a fitted top, all my rolls are accentuated. If I wear looser, empire, etc, I get asked if I’m pregnant. It stings. I have a tummy, its not going anywhere fast. So, what do I wear?”
I agree that finding the right top can be tricky. Here are three go-to solutions that will keep you feeling great:

  • Button-up.  A button down shirt is a great solution because it goes with jeans, skirts and dress pants and looks so much better than just a plain tee.  Make sure not to choose something too baggy; instead look for something that just skims your body. I love the Non-Iron shirts from Brooks Brothers because they come in four different cuts, so there’s one for every body type. They are a bit of an investment, but honestly the fact that you never have to iron them, totally makes it worth it.  I would opt to leave them untucked so it doesn’t cling to your tummy.

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  • Go Corporate.  Jackets are no longer just for the boardroom. They should be you go-to item when getting dressed. They instantly make you look put together and they are available at virtually any price point.  Everyone should have a great black blazer and then a couple of others in different colours to keep things interesting.

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  • Go with the Flow.  Another option is a printed, flowy top. Don’t choose one with empire waist as you may encounter some folks asking you when your baby is due - even if you’re not pregnant. Instead, select a top that doesn’t cling to you but just flows over your body.  The pattern will also help to camouflage any bumps or lumps.

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By using some time-tested and simple tricks, you can achieve that pulled-together and fashionable look without breaking your budget.
Now that summer’s finally here, any specific seasonal questions that you would like to have answered? Can’t wait to hear from you!

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