Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blogger Awards - Passing the Torch!

As with many things I do, I am bucking tradition and discussing blogger awards - three of them - in one post.

Before I begin, let me say to Lala Musings, Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun and the Crunchy Grouchy Mommy that I am so honored that you chose me for these awards, and, for the first two bloggers, I profusely apologize for being so slow to get this post together. You see, if I'm not working or writing, I'm running around after my 5,000 kids, which doesn't make for getting my act together very well. So sorry.

To that end, here I am, very belatedly in a couple of cases, saying "thank-you."

Some time back, Lala Musings and Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun gave me a blogger award each: the first one was a Versatile Blogger Award, the second one was a Blog on Fire Award. Another blog that I love reading, The Crunchy Grouchy Mommy, just gave me another Versatile Blogger Award. As are the rules that are similar with these awards, one must tell seven things about themselves that are not widely known, then pass on the award(s) to others. I know that technically I should post 21 things, based on the fact that I'm addressing three awards, but really, I'm not that interesting...and you likely are not that interested in hearing them! ;)

I previously posted seven things about me so have dug up a few more in the spirit of the awards:
  1. Pasta is my favorite food. I could eat it every day.
  2. I don't like icing. I will scrape it off and just eat the cake/cupcake underneath.
  3. Some of my favorite movies include the original Planet of the Apes, The   Sound of Music and West  Side Story.
  4. I rarely read novels and tend more towards true crime, non-fiction and biographies.
  5. Sunflowers are my favorite type of flower.
  6. I like coffee with lots of cream and lots of sugar. Kinda like a dessert.
  7. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I like watching Millionaire Matchmaker and The Real Housewives of New York City.

So there they are. Some mildly interesting and mundane facts about yours truly. Now on to the good stuff.

I Googled the rules about the blog referrals and various sources say that you can reference anywhere from three to seven to 15 blogs, so being the lazy sod that I am, I'll split the difference and go for seven (because I can't refer .5 of a blog). On that note, here are seven blogs that I think are worthy of a read (in no particular order). I'm passing the Blog on Fire Award on to each of them:

1. Kindred Adventures
2. Mom Went Crazy
3. Misadventures in Motherhood
4. The Pregnant Chicken
5. Vino Baby
6. Some Mother
7. Worlds Worse Moms
8. Time Out For Mom
9. My Inner Alfalfa
10. My Life Not Finished

These blogs are all worth a read so check them out!


Holly Ann said...[Reply]

I loved reading a few new things about you! My husband is the same way with frosting. :)

Samantha said...[Reply]

@Holly Ann
Thanks, Holly!
Yes, I know it's weird but the extreme sweetness of the frosting makes me wanna gag! I know, too much information.... ;)

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