Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Fridays With Melanie: Instant Upgrade

It's Fashion Friday and Multiple Mayhem Mamma's resident Style Maven, Melanie, has something to say. Read on...

Instant Upgrade

A few months ago, I tried a little experiment. What if the only style change I made was a teeny, tiny one? Would it make a difference? The answer - absolutely.  What was the change? I made an effort to wear lipstick and to reapply it.

If the thought of balancing your busy schedule with the packed back-to-school schedules of your kids has you feeling overwhelmed, no wonder you can’t be bothered with your personal style. Who has time?

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Well, this small change is for you. No excuses. It takes seconds. The same amount of time it takes to have a sip of coffee.  And budget isn’t an excuse either. Great lipsticks are available at all price ranges from Joe Fresh to Chanel and chances are you probably have a few floating around in your purse already just dying to be used.

What do you think? Can you invest in a few minutes a day to look and feel better?

And, I’d love to hear what kind of feedback you get when you try this little lipstick experiment.  When I did it, I got compliments on everything - hair to clothing - when all I did differently was put on a little lipstick. What will happen when you do it?


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