The Great Unwashed - Top 7 Tips For Surviving Bath Time

I toyed with calling this post “Night of the Thousand Baths,” because, being the parent of many certainly makes bath time a feel like a never-ending process.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel a surge of anxiety when dinner comes to a close and I know that - gulp - the water has to start flowing.
While evening baths were perhaps a special bonding time between you and your precious baby, the situation changes drastically once your child (or children) begin to be the slightest bit mobile. Add the twin factor into the mix and you’ve got a full-blown crisis.
It should be a simple task, right? Get the water flowing, fill up the tub, add the appropriate toys (and sometimes bubbles), dunk the kids, wash, dry, dress and finish the process. In an ideal world, this would be the scenario.
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Yet those of us who have lived to tell can attest to the fact that bathing the kids is often anything but routine. There are all kinds of issues that often come into play:
  • Someone’s favorite bath toy is missing
  • Someone is having a meltdown
  • Someone decides to debate the efficacy of regular hygiene (often an older child who has just learned the basic tenets of critical thought)
Whether or not we want to deal with any of these issues is moot. The fact of the matter is that a full day of running around and playing (at daycare and/or school, no less) necessitates the need for bathing. The kids might not like it but the kids will be alright, really. Just follow these tips to keep your sanity in check and turn on the faucet.
Top 7 Tips For Surviving Bath Time
  1. Suit Up - Lay out the kids’ sleepwear in advance. Have it ready to go so that the transition from bath to bed will be speedy, smooth and stress-free.
  2. Fun and Games - Make the inevitable enjoyable. Bath crayons, bubbles, toys and more make the routine task of bathing an adventure of the imagination.
  3. Short Shrift - Don’t dawdle, even in the tub. Not only will you save your kids from prune-like appendages, but you’ll get the job done quicker if you give the overall bathing process a time limit.
  4. Double Up - If you have more than one child, save both water and your sanity and dunk ’em all in at the same time. Not only will it expedite the bathing process but it will make it a lot more fun for the kiddies.
  5. “Last one in…”- Strip down and join the fun sometimes. If you want to show the kids how it’s done, lead by example…and lead them out of the tub after wash and rinse
  6. Sing, sing a song - A repertoire of child-friendly tunes that are belted out while soaping up can’t be beat. Ask your kids.
  7. Early to bath, early to rise - Give the kids their bath as early in the evening as you can. They will be much less likely to melt down earlier in the evening than later.

What are your tips for getting through bath time quickly and easily? Looking forward to your feedback!


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