The Things We Do For Love: Parenting Style

by Samantha on September 12, 2011

Besides blogging, I actually have a real job. Hard to believe, but true. 

Venturing into the consulting realm, I needed a logo. Having a spouse who knew his way around graphics, it seemed to be a no-brainer.

So I asked him to make me a logo. I had some ideas and passed them along in terms of what I wanted it to look like. Of course, my very curious seven-year-old overheard the whole thing.

“What’s a logo?,” she asked.

I explained.

“I can help with your logo, Mommy,” she announced. “Daddy, this is what it should look like.”

Of course my husband, being the good father that he is, entertained her suggestions. She directed him while he put her ideas together, digitally.

Here are the end results:

Note the predominant “star” and “swirls” motif in both.

They are lovely. That said, I quietly went with something else.

What compels us, as parents, to do the things we do? 

Love, perhaps?

People have done all kinds of things for love, but I must say that parents are most likely to have done the most extreme. Now I am certainly not saying that creating a logo for one’s daughter is something that should be written up in the record books, but I think you get my point here. How many times have we foregone what we really wanted to do for our children? How many times have we sacrificed and saved, contorted and compromised in order to make our precious children happy? 

It’s a rhetorical question because, if you’re a parent, you’ve likely done it:
  • From the mother who ate the burnt toast and equally-singed eggs on Mother’s Day morning, telling her child that the homemade meal was “delicious;”
  • To the father that tirelessly played pitcher to his son’s umpteenth attempt at hitting a home run Sunday after Sunday, all summer long;
  • To the grandparent that chose to consciously ignore her arthritic aches and pains in order to entertain her grandchild as often as she was able to see him.

As parents, we realize that the extent of our love for our children through what we would be willing to do for them. Logos aside, many of us would give everything we had to our kids, a decision based on the incredible love that we have for them. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?

In terms of your children, what have you done for love?

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