The Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater Accessory

by Samantha on December 14, 2011

**Disclaimer** I am not being paid or otherwise compensated by Yellow Tail to write this post**

Do you have a Christmas sweater? Do you like it? Do you think it’s fashionable and stylish or perhaps not-so-much?
I don’t know how I missed this trend, but there’s an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” meme going around and I didn’t get the memo. If I did, I would have been right there. There’s even a website devoted to Ugly Christmas Sweaters. You can check it out here.
Increasingly, people across the country are suiting up in red, green and reindeer-encrusted finery to strut their stuff over the holidays. In many instances, it’s a joke, an opportunity to laugh in the face of lunacy. In other cases, not so much, sadly.

Christmas seems to be the only time during the year where one can is wear something as showstopping as this:
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Or perhaps this:
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Or maybe this:
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It’s like Halloween in December! What’s not to like?
Any opportunity to dress up in something that I would otherwise not wear is something to be supported. Next year, folks - can you please invite me to one of these parties?

Let’s face it: there are very few instances where grown adults can wear attire that involves snowmen, Santa Claus and candy canes with any dignity, or style for that matter. It just doesn’t happen. 

As a matter of fact, can we just agree that the only people that can wear these types of clothing items are under the age of 10? I mean now, really? Okay, maybe add animals to the mix, like this one:
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On a related note, we’ve not covered inanimate objects. Now they have a “get-out-of-jail-free” card when it comes to their attire. What may look hideous on us living, breathing mammals can actually be pulled off by those that don’t have a pulse.
What am I talking about, you ask? Think dolls, tea cozies and bottles of wine. Yes, I said bottles of wine (if you follow my blog, you know that wine is a recurring theme here…but I digress).

Check this out. 

Now wine bottles can participate in the holiday tacky-sweater festivities!

Image courtesy of

Yellow Tail, makers of one of my favourite brands of wine, is supplying holiday revelers with a pattern to knit your own wine cover cozy.This is perfect to bring along your hostess gift when you go to your next Ugly Christmas Sweater party! Who knew?

It just keeps getting better and better. 

What’s next? Milk cartons? 

Let’s wait until next year to see what the next holiday trend will be.

So my question today is: Have you ever attended an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party? Do you wear or like these types of Christmas sweaters? Why or why not?

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