The Magical Qualities of Identical Twins

by Samantha on February 9, 2012

Had anyone told me that I would be the proud mother of identical twin boys, I would never have believed them. It seemed like such an unlikely occurrence, if not odd. As a child, I had known a few sets of twins, a couple identical, and I found it strange.

Strange that they looked alike.
Strange that they laughed alike.

Strange that, well…just strange.

After all, the mere fact that there were two of them would in and of itself pose a logistical nightmare for the parents, would it not? Not to mention the financial constraints and pressures. So many things to consider. Thank goodness I wouldn’t have to, I would think.

Fast forward many years later to 2009.

After reeling in shock from the revelation that I would indeed be having identical twin boys of my own, I then started to worry: How would I take care of them, would I be able to handle the challenges of twins, and finally, how would I love them?

Now I know that this sounds like an odd question of a parent, but with twins it’s a whole different ball of wax. You worry about whether you will feel equally the same about both of your children. You worry about the possibility of favoritism and unequal treatment. You worry about caring for them and loving them well. Some would say that it’s a mother’s prerogative to worry and who would blame them?

I was no different and fretted before the birth of my boys.

Thankfully, all of my worry and concern went out of the window once I laid my eyes on my little guys and gave them their first loving embrace. My fear melted away and love took over. 
It was like magic. There have been many magical moments with my boys since then. 
Their first steps, their wonder at the colorfully lit Christmas tree and snuggling in bed on a cold winter’s day. Those special moments of discovery that you don’t expect. I remember when my boys were infants, they were mesmerized by their My Friend Pooh Musical Mobile. Given to them by their grandmother, they would stare at the musical mobile as they drifted off to sleep.
Sure - there are definitely challenges, many of which I have referenced on this blog. I’m still going through toilet training now that they’re toddlers and yes - it’s an ongoing work in progress. Thankfully for HUGGIES (both day and nighttime), I’ve got backup ;)

In spite of the challenges, any mother can tell you that when the special moments occur, there are nothing like them. They have a unique bond and make their own kind of fun. From the time they were born, they played together and shared a special bond. Here’s a picture of them playing in their crib.

“Love times two” is how I feel about having the double dose of kids giving me kisses just when I need them, regardless of how tired I am, or how bad my day has been.

Whatever force allowed my identical twins to come into my life in and of itself is a testament to the magic in this world, and though it’s beyond my understanding, I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience the unique joy that my twins bring to my life.

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cribs for twins March 11, 2012 at 5:17 pm

this is such a great post! I'm going to have to share this with my husband!


Samantha March 14, 2012 at 4:03 am

Thanks - glad that you enjoyed the post :)


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