Top 10 Items For Making the Most of Your Day at the Beach

by Samantha on July 4, 2012

School’s out, summer’s here and the kids are itching for a good time. If you’re a parent and you’ve got a child or children in your care, you’ll likely to hit the beach for some fun in the sun this summer. Whether you’re going for a few hours of play or for a full day of sun and surf, there are some things to remember to make sure that the kids have a good time and return home happy and safe.

Following are the top 10 items to remember when you’re heading out for the beach with the kids:

1)   Sunscreen – A day in the sun can wreak havoc on one’s skin, especially amongst the younger set. Children are particularly susceptible to the sun’s rays, so make sure that you slather lots of sun block on them before and during your stay at the beach. Avoid the pain of sunburn and enjoy your day.

2)   Life Vest – Water safety is perhaps not the first thing that a parent will think of when going to the beach but it’s important nonetheless. If your child can’t swim, it’s imperative that they’re suited with a life vest when they’re anywhere close to the water. It just takes one slip up or a second where you look away to make things go south, fast. Don’t risk it and suit up the kids.

3)   Hats -  Like sunscreen, hats are a must at the beach. The combination of a covered head and sun block will assure that your kids don’t get done in by the sun. Sunstroke as a result of a frolic in the sand is not worth it, so keep those heads covered.

4)   Snacks – The combination of sun and water has a way of zapping the energy out of even the most hearty swimmer. Make sure to pack a variety of healthy snacks such as fruit, cut-up vegetables and cheese sticks. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, pack a picnic lunch and forget about the fast food that is often sold beachside.

5)   Water – A supply of water for everyone is a must-have when setting out for the beach. Invest in a tall, stainless steel water bottle that will stay cool for in hot temperatures. Add ice cubes at the outset of your jaunt to the beach and enjoy a refreshing drink waterside.

6)   Ziplock bags – Soggy clothes are a drag. Make sure to bring some Ziploc bags with you on your day at the beach so that you can store wet bathing suits, clothes and other damp items. Doing so will allow you to return home without the full contents of your knapsack soaked to the core.

7)   A Change of Clothes – Don’t think that a day at the beach relieves you of your responsibility to bring extra clothes for the kids. Make sure that you pack an extra pair of shorts and some t-shirts, along with long-sleeved shirts and a pair of pants in the event of cooler weather.

8)   Waterproof Pull-Ups – Nobody wants to deal with toddler “accidents” in the open water, parents included. Make sure to pack up some waterproof training pants especially made for swimming. Your little one will be happier -and so will you.

9)   A Waterproof Camera – Capture those magic moments with a waterproof camera that can withstand the elements and live to tell the story. Make sure to keep your camera in a separate compartment in your knapsack or beach bag to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged by sand or water.

10)  Fun and Games – Don’t forget to bring reading materials for the adults and games for kids for those times that they want to get out of the sun. Children are easily bored and sometimes need some time out from swimming in the hot sunshine, so make sure that you bring some portable toys and items that will keep the little ones amused.

Have I missed any items? What do you bring on your days at the beach with the kids? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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