The Truth About Moms

by Samantha on August 9, 2012 FREE SAMPLES

We’re supposed to be the perfect mom. If we took media images of us seriously, we’d always have the laundry done and folded, a four-course gourmet meal on the table every night and kids who were A+ students. Oh yea, our houses would be meticulously cleaned continually and we’d nary utter an unkind word to our children, spouses or otherwise. We’d do all of this with a smile on our faces.

If you’re a mom, you know that this Utopian fantasy is just that - an unrealistic viewpoint on what is arguably the most difficult job in the world - being a parent. Moms in particular tend to take the weight of the world onto our shoulders; after all, we just want to fix things and make them all better, right? What ends up happening is that we disappoint ourselves in not meeting the unrealistic standards that are set upon us by those who think they know better.

This is my battle cry for all moms to throw caution to the wind and to let the laundry sit yet another day longer because, heaven knows - the world won’t come to an end.


I’m not a perfect parent; I’m far from it. It’s likely that you’re not either. And that’s okay. I’m lifting the veil on the reality of motherhood, at least in my own situation, and hope that it will make it just a little bit easier for all of you out there to admit that it’s never perfect but it’s good enough. Your children are happy and healthy and they love you. What more do you need?
Read my article entitled “The 10 Things I’m No Longer Ashamed To Admit About Being A Mom” over at The Ricki Lake Show Magazine where I’ll now be contributing. Can’t wait to hear what you think!


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