What’s in a Name?

by Samantha on August 18, 2012

What’s in a name?

This question has been asked many times over the years with varying responses. Some would say “not much,” while others would maintain that the “right” - or “wrong” name could change the course of a person’s future. When children are born, the oneness is on the parents to choose the “right” name for their child. Right in so many ways, from being personally relevant to the parents as well as being pleasant-sounding, interesting, unique and evocative to others. It’s a tall order by any stretch of the imagination. That’s why so many of us think long and hard before we arrive upon the perfect name for junior. It’s so personal, so intimate - naming your child - that it’s rarely done in haste, or without many hours of thought and consideration.

The latter was the case when it came to naming one of my twin boys. After much consideration and going through many name books, we chose the name “Aubrey.” The name means “Elf King,” or similar and has been a solidly male name…until recently. Unfortunately many people who consider the name female only can’t wrap their minds around a male with this moniker. Having to defend and explain my choice of name for my son has brought out the mama bear in me. I wrote all about the choice of name, my defense of it and other people’s reactions over at Babble. You can read the full article here: What I Learned By Giving My Son A ‘Girly’ Name

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