Monday Musings - Nature vs. Nurture

Welcome to Monday Musings, a new feature that I’m starting on this blog.

Each Monday, I will be recording a short video log (Vlog) about a topic of interest (parenting-related, of course) that I’ve heard or read about in the previous week. The purpose of these Vlogs is to open up a discussion that I hope will be interesting and insightful for all. As well, how better to get to know each other than through video? It’s so much more real.

On that note, the topic of discussion this week is Nature vs. Nurture.

If you’ve read this blog to any extent, you’ll probably figure out quickly about where I sit on this topic. Being the parent of both boys and girls, I can say that in my experience, there is a marked difference between the sexes. In my estimation, girls aren’t as rambunctious, don’t rscream as loud and lack the penchant for climbing on anything and everything in their path. Boys? Well - they’re another story (at least mine are).

Some would differ with this opinion, citing the fact that their girls are the wild ones and their boys display exemplary behavior most of the time.  Who’s right?

Is it nature or nurture that affects the way we behave? According to a new research study on babies, it appears that nature takes the prize for our actions. Watch this segment from 60 Minutes to find out the details about the research findings.

VIDEO: 60 Minutes - Do Babies Have a Sense of Morality?

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  1. ElectraDaddy says

    As the parent of fraternal twin boys, I definitely say nature. My boys have been raised under the exact same living conditions but are very different. They have different personalities, interests, food preferences, & learning/coping styles. They came hard wired to be who they are. I’m just here to keep them safe & help them learn how to navigate within the boundaries of good behavior.

    Love your blog, as always!

    1. Samantha says

      As a fellow twin parent, thanks for checking in, ElectraDaddy! I am 100% on the side of nature as my kids have completely different personalities, even though they are identical twins. People assume that they’ll act the same way and seem surprised when their characters don’t fit into the box that was chosen for them. It’s great when this happens because it provides an opportunity to discuss the topic and educate people about the differences in twins.