The Morning Rush - A Parent’s View

by Samantha on December 20, 2012

Lane Bryant

What does “the morning rush” look like in your home? If it’s a piece of cake, you’re lucky (and also in the minority). The reality is that if you’re a parent, getting the kids ready and out the door is quite the effort. Actually, it’s often enough to make even the most patient parent go a little bit crazy. When time is of the essence the kids kick back. When you’re rushing to get out the door, they drop a bomb - or two - on you. They need money. They have an important test today. They hate school. The fun never ends.

Nothing says stress like having to get your kids ready for school within a finite period of time. Kids will be kids and they seem to have the uncanny ability to slow things down just when you need them to hurry up and get going. No sense of urgency for these little ones. No - the morning rush is just that due to their inability to worry about time and school and, unfortunately, our inability to get our collective acts together.

What really happens during The Morning Rush?

There are many variations on the craziness that has been described as “The Morning Rush.”It may be that your child decides to throw up at the breakfast table after you’ve finally gotten them to eat a proper meal. It could be that you found out that you have been scheduled for a parent-teacher interview that very afternoon - at just the time when you have a critical presentation to deliver at work and cannot under any circumstances take the time off. It may be that you have again for the umpteenth time found yourself standing at the front door, two minutes to the school bell, with 12 variously colored mismatched socks in your hand. For the uninitiated, here is what the morning rush really looks like in the homes of many. For the seasoned and frazzled parenting veterans who are dealing with this reality for yet another school year: you’re not alone.

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