Monday Musings - Are Manners and Etiquette Lost Arts For Kids?

by Samantha on January 28, 2013

We’ve heard it before and often: parents are too permissive these days. We allow our kids to do so much more than we would ever have been able to do ourselves. Because of this new age in which we live, our children are the beneficiaries of so much more than previous generations. Kids will be kids and of course they need to be disciplined from time to time. They also need to know what is and is not acceptable behavior both in public as well as in the privacy of their own homes. Because they are a reflection of us, after all.

Boy sticking out his tongue

There was a time where children were “seen but not heard.” This was also the time that children adhered to a strict social standard whereby they obeyed the rules and listened to (and respected their parents). Proper manners and etiquette were not a choice but an expectation, as parents were also held to a much higher social code. How many of us long for the “good old days” where a child was not only quiet, but polite as well?

Yes, many of us make an effort to teach our children the social graces as well as the benchmarks of good behavior, but to what degree? I would venture to guess that the importance of these skills has decreased considerably in recent times. Our children idolize less-than-perfect role models, watch their peers behave poorly with little repercussion and, in my opinion, have a generally diminished sense of what is appropriate in terms of their behavior and when they should be behaving as such. Am I alone in my views?

So I ask in today’s Monday Musings: Are manners and etiquette lost arts, when it comes to our children? Have we become too permissive as parents in our expectations of our kids’ behavior? Answer in the comments below!

VIDEO: Are Manners and Etiquette Lost Arts For Kids?

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