Monday Musings - City or Suburbs?

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City or suburbs? Where is it best to raise a child?

Ask any city dweller and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing like being in the heart of the action. Excitement - or so it seems - is just around the corner and easily accessed by foot. No driving for city folk, no - the subways, buses and other forms of public transportation add to what makes the city so interesting.

But it’s not a Utopia by any stretch. Housing is often much more expensive in urban areas, and a lot smaller than homes that are outside of the downtown or central core. Crime, congestion and the lack of space and privacy can certainly wear on a person - and on families with kids.

Suburbia? Well, it has its appeal as well.

Wide open spaces. Sprawling properties. Backyards with room for a swing set, slide and, if you’d like, a pool. Less crime, or so it appears to some, and the chance to get to know your neighbors. This is because the local coffee shop or main strip is not a hop, skip and a jump away; you have to drive there. Hence, people in the suburbs probably stay home a lot more often and, accordingly, know who has moved in next door.

The line is drawn in the sand when it comes to city vs. suburbs and even more so when kids come into the picture. As a matter of fact, this is often the time when people really start to examine their ideals, values and lifestyle choices because their decisions in these areas will drastically affect their kids.

Full disclosure: I’m a city dweller myself, though I’ve lived in the suburbs. While I can appreciate the value of both locales, I do love the convenience of living downtown, though it’s not without it’s problems.

So my question this week is:

Where is the best place to raise a child? In the city or in the suburbs? Why?


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  1. Christine says

    As a city dweller, of course I’m going to cast my vote in favour of city living! Of course, I live in a squishy house on a squishy street, but I love it that way. We know all of our neighbours and our little neighbourhood feels like it’s own little village. We know a lot of people in the community and I love that. Of course, there are times when I dream for a bigger kitchen or a huge backyard, but would I give up walking my kids to school around the corner and never sitting in rush hour traffic? Let’s just say “not yet”.

    1. Samantha says

      I’m of the same mindset, Christine! I love living in the city - I love the convenience of it all, the proximity to stores and activities and best of all, my neighbourhood. That said, I always have a tinge of the “what am I doing?” feeling every time I return home from visiting friends in the suburbs. The big houses, the big backyards, they’re tempting….I’m also not quite ready yet either :)