Monday Musings - How to Have a Happy Family

by Samantha on February 25, 2013

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What characteristics are the makings of a happy family? That’s what we all want to know, isn’t it?

The question of how to have a happy family is front and centre for most parents. A simple question, for sure, with an answer (or answers) that is anything but. So many of us struggle with the day-to-day stresses that are part and parcel of parenting. If only we could be provided with a magical solution, a primer of sorts, that would provide us with what to do in order to maintain not only order but smiles and contentment in our households. If only it were that easy… Perhaps it is. Perhaps we’ve finally been provided with the tools that we need to alleviate our anxieties around whether or not our kids will grow up to reflect on their childhood by saying “I had a great upbringing and grew up in a happy home.

In “The Secrets of Happy Families,” author Bruce Feiler takes an unconventional approach to some of the more standard accepted rules of parenting and, in the process, makes us reconsider the tactics that we’ve all been using. In this interview with Time Magazine, he provides some of his wisdom in the area.

It’s always great to get a different point of view from one’s own, but I have to say that I’m not sure about some of the ideas that he says work well for his family. One of them is allowing children to choose their own discipline. Would this really work? One has to wonder. He also says that separating money from chores is a good idea, though, again - many parents disagree. And the hallowed family dinner table - you know, the one where we’re all supposed to be regularly in order to bond with our children? We apparently don’t have to be there.

Parenting is such a fiercely personal thing; after all - how we do it will affect what types of people our children will grow up to be. Accordingly, when someone comes along and rattles our chains related to how we’re doing things, we have not choice but to sit up and take notice. At the end of the day, we all want our kids to be happy, so any advice or wisdom in this area is welcome. Now whether or not it’s sound advice is another story.

So the question this week is this: What are the characteristics of a happy family, in your opinion?

And further to this question - What are some simple things that parents can do to assure a happy family setting?

Answer in the comments below. I look forward to your response!

VIDEO: What Makes a Happy Family?

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Lisa Nelson February 26, 2013 at 4:38 am

For me, characteristic of the happy families I know include
1. Good standards - limited gaming, no violence, an understanding of respect, limited to no TV, family table every night, husband comes home to spend time with the kids every night.
2. A parent at home who raises the kids - mostly the Mother.
3. The family has a dedicated time of the week where they spend time together. They might do a game night, or spiritual night.
4. They go to Church and believe.

I think the number one thing parents can do is teach the children good positive values through example. If parents are doing good - the children will learn that.
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