Monday Musings: Is it Ever Okay to Snoop On Your Kids?

Lane Bryant

snooping on kids
How do you feel about snooping? You know - going through your kids’ stuff, reading their diaries (if they’re older) or checking their online footprint? Is it a parent’s right to snoop on their kids?

As our children enter their tweens, this topic becomes particularly pressing, especially these days. Kids are doing and saying things that make many of us uncomfortable, to say the least. And as we continue to address the very real concerns about parenting in the digital age, we realize that it’s not just the older kids that we have to worry about. How many of us hand our kids our smartphones, tablets or laptops in order to distract or entertain them when we need a few minutes to do something else? Our children have online access and as a result, they’re interacting with others, often without our knowledge. Add to this the growing problem of cyberbullying and its repercussions and we have a very real issue that we can’t ignore.

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As parents, we have a responsibility to know what our kids are doing and to protect them from harm. To this end, there are those who say that snooping is part of the game. Others disagree, saying that we should trust our kids as well as give them their privacy. True; children do need to be trusted and their privacy does need to be respected. But to what end? That’s the crux of the issue.

Today’s Monday Musings asks the question “Is it ever okay to snoop on your kids?” The answer will surely be divided and many of us are still trying to figure things out.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below and let’s discuss.

VIDEO - Is it Ever Okay to Snoop On Your Kids?

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