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by Samantha on May 22, 2014

DISCLAIMER: As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I will be providing monthly thoughts and suggestions about movies currently showing on Netflix. As with all content on this blog, opinions are completely my own.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, the topic of “the good old days” comes up often. Yes, I’ll admit that I’m often wistfully reminiscing about life during a time that seemed much simpler and less frantic. Chalk it up to the fact that iPads, similar gadgets and digital connectivity were not part of the equation, and that “a good time” didn’t involve pixels and download speeds. Entertainment was simple and, believe it or not, there were TV shows and movies that didn’t involve complex 3D special effects or the use of special glasses to be enjoyed.

Take, for example, Spiderman. Remember that show? My twin boys love watching this TV classic and have been enjoying this classic on Netflix. No special effects can be found on this show, just some good, fashioned superhero action and adventure.


The boys are also huge fans of Curious George, so imagine their excitement when they found it on the rotating Netflix carousel! The antics of the little monkey who is always getting into trouble resonates with my twin boys (I wonder why ;)). We’ve had a great time watching this show and discussing some of the lessons that the episodes provide.


And keeping on a retro note, my daughter is just discovering some of the great ’80′s shows that I used to watch back in the day. At the top of the list is The Facts of Life, with my daughter’s favourite, Lisa Welchel, who starred as Blair. The series about a group of girls attending boarding school and dealing with life’s challenges was a hit with me, way back when, and now with my daughter.


In keeping with the ’80′s theme, remember Different Strokes? I still love this show and it stands up against the test of time. There are some funny parts and great laughs, but a lot of good life lessons in the program - great opportunities to talk to your kids about various issues.


Finally, all of the kids enjoy watching a good flick and Honey I Shrunk the Kids continues to be a favourite around our house. An old school classic for the whole family, I’d highly recommend it.


Some other shows that are now available on Netflix include:

  1. The Mighty Ducks
  2. Ghostbusters
  3. Heathcliff
  4. The Secret of Nimh
  5. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  6. The Smurfs

And for the very little ones:

  1. My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow
  2. Sesame Street: Classics
  3. The Busy World of Richard Scarry
  4. The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
  5. Clifford the Big Red Dog

What are your favourite retro shows to watch with the kids? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

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[email protected] May 30, 2014 at 10:23 pm

No you didn’t just say HEATHCLIFF!!!!

I totally forgot about that show.
My daughter loves Care Bears and My Little Pony. I didn’t even know that they brought Care Bears back….

What about
1. Gummi Bears
2. Voltron
3. ThunderCats

and you can’t forget The Cosby Show….The Brady Bunch…Charles in Charge..Punky Brewster

Awww man….those are some classics.
Whatever happened to good, wholeseome TV shows. I miss those days!


Samantha May 31, 2014 at 2:00 am

Oh, yes I DID say “Heathcliff,” Ryan! Nothing like the good old retro cartoons and TV shows to help reminisce about “back in the day” :) Of course I loved the Cosby show way back when and have very fond memories coming home after school and watching The Brady Bunch! It’s still a fave, though somewhat dated…Mind you, bell bottoms have come and gone a few times since the show first aired ;)
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