Holiday Baking and Food Galore - Watch and Enjoy

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I love the holiday season.

Silver Bells, Jingle Bells and, hopefully, a White Christmas.

And the baking. Oh, the baking.

Visions of sugarplums danced in her head,” goes the popular Christmas story.

Treats are part of the season, too. Between December 1st and January 1st, let’s say that many of us throw caution to the healthy-eating wind and get our culinary groove on in the name of the festive season. After all, what are the holidays if not an opportunity to eat, drink and be merry - with abandon?

Anyway, back to the baking.

This time of year is a bellweather for cooks an bakers who want to either up their game, maintain their game or, well, just show off.

Some of us are not so talented. Ahem. Let’s just say that I won’t be “pinning” any images of my beautifully-baked goodies and treat this or any other holiday season. Everyone has their strengths, right? Mine is more closely aligned with eating, rather than baking the holiday goods.

And watching other people bake, cook and prepare said goods is another hobby of mine, preferably in the company of my daughter who still has the ability to become a better baker and cook than I.

To this end, we’ll watch others tackle their love of food, whether it’s baking, haute cuisine or a completely vegan way of indulging. Disclaimer: We may be eating while watching these shows as well.

You think baking is a challenge? How about upping your game and checking out how the folks in the big leagues roll? Kings of Pastry follows a group of 16 world-class French pastry chefs in their quest for France’s most prestigious pastry award, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France. To say that this documentary is a nail-biter is an understatement. Be prepared to watch grown men cry.

Kings of Pastry

Kings of Pastry

Ever wonder what makes a really great chef tick? Wonder no more and tune in to Chef’s Table, now streaming on Netflix. This exclusive documentary series profiles six of the world’s most amazing chefs and gives all of us pause as we watch the creativity that makes these guys superstars.

Chef’s Table


And…if you’re reconsidering everything you’re doing when it comes to eating and food in general, watch this award-winning documentary. Vegucated challenges three hardcore meat and cheese-loving folks to banish their animal-product-laden-meals and go vegan. A challenge for them, to say the least. Could you do it?




What are your favourite baking, cooking and food-related programs on Netflix? Tell me all about them in the comments section below.


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